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As Universities look to differentiate themselves with digital experiences, the role of the network has become integral to all aspects of campus learning and life. But, as the number of devices on campus increases, as IoT becomes mainstream, and as applications and data are moved to the cloud, the network now defines the edge to application digital experience. And, the network is always changing…

With over 20-years of experience partnering with some of the UK’s most progressive higher education institutions, and as one of only a handful of Cisco Global Gold partners, we are passionate about helping Universities in the UK be the best digital service providers in the world.

Working through the Jisc framework, our three-stage approach of "Advise, Adopt, Adapt" will help buyers maximise their investments in their infrastructure across the lifetime of the network platform. 

Why Logicalis?

Logicalis has over 20 years of experience of working in partnership with the H.E. sector to deliver the most complex, transformational projects.

  • Dedicated Higher Education consultancy & account team to help advise on project approach, technology decisions and digital strategy.
  • Widest possible portfolio of support options available to ensure operational integrity and efficiency of your infrastructure.
  • Unique ability to direct award any Cisco service or solution without the need for further competition.
How to Use

How to Use

Logicalis has been an active and successful participant in previous Jisc frameworks and has successfully partnered with HE customers over the past 20 years. We have established structures and processes to ensure we deliver responsive and accurate quotations. 

Customers may choose to place orders directly with the supplier placed first within the relevant Lot without reopening competion. 

Logicalis have been awarded the first place on the Cisco lot (Lot 3), are the only nominated F5 supplier (Lot 8), and are also named on Lot 8, Infoblox.

Our aligned team of Client Managers and Sales Support will follow up all quotations provided to the Buyer. They will be able to flag quotations nearing the end of validity and take action if more time is needed to validate. They can also advice of any potential commercial impacts such as exchange rate variances, enabling the Buyer to make informed decisions regarding order timescales. 

Why Logicalis?